Magnetic Island [Mini adventure]

This isn't really so much a post about Magnetic Island, but a post about transitions...

This year I decided to try something different--for me, at least. I'm coming up on a year as a full time Medical Writer, in-house at NPS MedicineWise. It's been a hectic and at times intense year, and the change in focus has meant a few things in my life, including blogging, photography, and outdoor adventures, have either been neglected or de-prioritised. 

Now that I'm feeling a bit more settled, I'm striving to regain some of the balance I've lost. In June I took two work-life-balance days, tacked them on to a public holiday, and ventured north to Queensland, where I spent two days mountain biking around Townseville, and then three days traipsing around the coolest little Island, just off the coast [Magnetic Island]. I loved pushing myself as I hiked most of the trails on the island! I've yet to dig my 'proper camera' out, and I can't promise daily blog posts, but I am going to upload somephotos from my broken Samsung... I may even drag out thebig camera soon. And I'm definitely planning on more play and more adventure.

For now, here are some snaps from Magnetic Island in mid June.