From Sand Castles to Darkes Cider launch

Steve, from Just Cruisin' Harley Davidson Tours was at the Darkes Cider Launch

Steve, from Just Cruisin' Harley Davidson Tours was at the Darkes Cider Launch

Is this vigilante networking?

Last Thursday I was entertaining my favourite almost-family 4-year-old for the day. The catch was that he could not be at home because his Daddy needed the house for an important all-day meeting. So I took him to a five-star playground, fed him fish and chips, watched the paragliders land and then mozied over to the beach to make sandcastles sans shovels or buckets or other useful building equipment. That’s when I noticed another boy his age and his Mum building a tunnel with all the appropriate gear. Exhausted from 4-year-old conversation and sand fights, I suggested we join their sand party so the two boys could play together.:)

When I mentioned to the Mum that I'd recently begun blogging, she replied that she was a business coach and one of her clients was hoping for a blogger to attend the launch of their brand new cider the next evening.  Then we figured out that we had a mutual friend, and had met once before at her farewell party, but hadn’t recognised each other in this very different context. :)

Less than 24-hours later, there I was at Glenbernie Orchard, sampling Howler, the very first run of Darkes Cider.

Made my locavore heart happy. And my tastebuds too.

After holding off all day, the rain bucketed, but it definitely did not dampen the celebrations.

The highlight for me [besides the cider] was this amazing woodfired apple pizza:

Beautiful apple good as it looks...

Beautiful apple good as it looks...

Can you believe someone almost served banana pizza at a cider launch in an apple orchard?! Glad Glenbernie owners intervened! :)

There was no shortage of entertainment...

dancers darkes cider.JPG

Dancers, a live band.... and they even had a fire eater!

fire eater darkescider.JPG

This apple farm is literally just up the road from me in Darkes Forest, so I really enjoyed meeting more of my neighbours (and even got invited to a BBQ by a couple intent on proving wrong my conclusion that Tasmanians are friendlier than New South Wales folk:).

howler darkes cider.JPG

The cider was superb-- it's all made from fresh local apples, not reconstituted stuff like most of the imported ciders.

For more on Darkes Cider, stalk their Facebook page.