Flying it Forward

A U.S. Air Force pilot helps the children of fallen soldiers to spread their wings

Steve Harrold is a soft-spoken man with a strong faith and a humble demeanor. He and his wife Suzanne have two teenage sons, and when Steve talks about them, he doesn’t reel off a list of their accomplishments. He tells you about the qualities and character traits he admires in each of them.

For most of his life, Steve coasted along, enjoying his family, an exciting career as an Air Force pilot, and plenty of adventure, including rock climbing and snowboarding. He invested most of his time and energy into his immediate family, and says it never really occurred to him to look beyond them to the wider community.

Then, on the 27th of November, 2006, a man by the name of Major Troy Lee "Trojan" Gilbert was killed in combat in Iraq, leaving behind his wife and five children who were all under the age of 10...

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