'Tighter than a cat's bum' and other Country Women's Association highlights

Founded in 1922, the CWA is struggling to shake its grandmotherly image and attract a younger generation of women. When my friend invited me to tag along on her inaugural visit to the Orange branch of the CWA, I had one question. Do you think they'll serve slice?

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Hostility or Hospitality?

“When faced with the stranger, do we open or close the door? Do we reach for a weapon or extend an open hand?”

Filmmaker Heather Kirkpatrick had just arrived back in Tasmania after years overseas when she saw a news report highlighting a community’s polarised response to the opening of a detention centre just north of Hobart.

Upon hearing that a local knitting group was considering making beanies for the asylum seekers, Kirkpatrick began attending their meetings. Some knitters wanted to welcome the men, who were all from Afghanistan, while others worried that the men would cause further financial strain on an already struggling community and questioned why these men should be shielded while Australians were losing their lives in Afghanistan...

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